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  • daCunha.global authored editor Grey Drane
    Grey Drane
  • Jacky Fitt - editor social and digital at daCunha.global
    Jacky Fitt
    Editor - Social & Digital
  • Author editor Lisa Renee
    Lisa Renee
    managing editor, nonfiction
  • Centre Ned Hoste with friends from TEDx Spain
    Ned Hoste
    co-founder | designer | producer
  • Author Oliver Shiny - daCunha.global
    Oliver Shiny
  • Pip
  • Author Todd Hannula, also Producer and Connector at daCunha.global
    Todd Hannula
    co-founder | producer
  • author editrix Veronica: daCunha fiction
    Veronica Montes
    managing editor fiction