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  • A boy blurred by the motion of a fast roundabout. 'The Games People Play' Peter Lingered for Made Up Words on daCunha.global
    podcast: the games we play
    “I cocked my head and listened, trying to establish exactly where in the house my mother lurked.”
  • A fledgling cries for food from its nest. "A Faint Cautionary Creee" Bari Lynn Hein short story winner 2016 daCunha.global - Podcast Faint Cautionary Creee
    Audio Original: A Faint Cautionary Creee
    “The sound is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, like glass being wiped, or a small dog barking.”
  • 'The Art of Annoying Stories' daCunha blog by Oliver Shiny
    The Art of Annoying Stories
    Stories are like Rube Goldberg machines: inviting examination of the term "unnecessarily complicated."
  • Water - daCunha.global
    Joe Belarge
    “She could feel the leaves singing, growing weak with joy and slowly letting go of their hold on the tree.”
  • Boy sitting crossed legged playing the guitar. Travis Turner 'Holy Ghost Sunday' daCunha.global
    Holy Ghost Sunday
    Travis Turner
    “She straddled me, and for the first time I knew salvation.”
  • 'The Mermaid' by Josephine Napiore - fiction on daCunha.global
    The Mermaid
    Josephine Napiore
    "The shell was empty, lifeless. No creature remained; no creature called it home."
  • 'Head in the Clouds' by Benjamin Shalva - creative nonfiction on daCunha.global
    Head in the Clouds
    Benjamin Shalva
    I had relinquished my freewill to a suction cup mounted, coaster-sized clairvoyant. And she had betrayed me with gridlock.
  • Lilac flowers - 'Alone with Lilacs' by Lauren Dennis - nonfiction on daCunha.global
    Alone with Lilacs
    Lauren Dennis
    If eavesdropping, people watching, and fantasizing were sports, I would be an Olympic qualifier in one, possibly two, of these categories.
  • Old lady laughing - 'Time to Go' by James Garrison on daCunha.global creative nonfiction
    Time to Go
    James Garrison
    He presses his smooth-shaved face against the soft dried-apple wrinkles, saying, “You’re looking good, Mother.” Smiling down at her. “Ready to go?”

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