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stories of resistance

The daCunha Special Editions team is currently searching the world for stories from the front lines of resistance, whenever and wherever it’s found. 

It is our belief that resistance can take many forms, and while some of those forms can be public and vocal, such as activism and protest, that’s only a small part of the picture. We know that resistance starts where you are, and the things you do everyday. It’s about holding power accountable, standing up to discrimination, calling out systemic oppression, and encouraging others to do the same. It’s about doing our part.

We believe that art and storytelling does not simply document resistance, it is resistance. That is the reason we are showcasing your stories in a book. To inspire, empower, and inform those resisting against increasingly oppressive government structures and systems. To provide opportunity for connection across cultures and feel solidarity within a global context with others who are pushing back around the world. And to give voice to the idea that resistance is a broad term that can mean protesting on a large scale, organizing, and engagement in self-government, interfaith/cross cultural exchange. But it can also be the personal actions of getting involved; standing up exactly where you are. Doing what you can to resist intolerance, fear, anger, hate, and division.

To find out more about this opportunity, and to submit your story, click below

If you are submitting direct please include: Your name and email/contact details at the head of your story. This will not be made public but we need this for administration of the project.

Submit your directly story here

We are open for submissions until the 30th of September 2017

All authors will will receive a response by the 31st of October.

Our editorial team

Allan Rae is the Managing editor of Special Editions. As a public health researcher and educator, Allan uses arts-based approaches to his work training researchers in dealing with HIV, PTSD and stigma. Read more about Allan here.

Gloria DiFulvio has used documentary film, photovoice, and digital storytelling to explore violence, connection and resiliency. Read more about Gloria here.

Hana Leshner is a producer and filmmaker who explores projects on culture, politics, and sport. Read more about Hana here.

Clay Rivers is an actor of stage and screen, an award-winning art director, and author who just happens to be four-feet tall, black, and Christian. Read more about Clay here.

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