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Stories have been weaving spells around us for thousands of years. Reflecting our own and others’ lives, they inspire, comfort and excite.

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campfire for storylovers

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Available in 2018

campfire with friends

Our seasonally curated collection of stories paired with delicious recipes, making your night with friends sublime. Gather your friends for an evening of connection over our hand picked stories. Add food and drink with suggestions from our resident chef and sommelier and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a lovely evening.

• 14-day access to specially selected stories
• Choose from both original audio and text formats
• Spark the conversation with supporting editor notes

in development

campfire for business

Developed as an experience in partnership with the Royal Society of Arts and leading organisational development professionals, use stories to spark innovation, support leadership growth, resolve conflict, and more.
• 7-day access to a dynamic range of carefully selected stories
• Choose from Original Audio and text formats to suit your setting
• Engage everyone in conversation with supporting notes from organisational development practitioners

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