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“Imaginative and well-written, with some intriguing endings.”

Ann Victoria Roberts, international bestselling author of Louisa Elliott on Anthology 1

The daCunha Anthology

Each year, our Editors, Veronica, Lisa and Grey, select a handful of stories from those we've published. Our anthologies include our contest winners, extraordinary fiction, and engaging personal essays.

Choose a carefully designed standard hardcover or a hand bound Collector's Edition to feed your imagination.

Coming Spring 2020, Anthology 3

The third installment of our acclaimed Anthology will be published in late 2019. It's usually a limited edition affair, so keep up with progress and don't miss out by signing up for daCunha Mail (below). .

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Beautifully designed and presented, offering many distinct voices from all walks of life, every year our editors choose a range of wonderful stories from our expanding, wider collection. Simply click on your preferred platform to buy.


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