• A boy blurred by the motion of a fast roundabout. 'The Games People Play' Peter Lingered for Made Up Words on daCunha.global
    Podcast: The Games we Play
    “I cocked my head and listened, trying to establish exactly where in the house my mother lurked.”
  • A faceless hooded man holds up a phone screen - Jimmy Matthews: Session twenty-four - Made Up Words - daCunha.global
    Podcast Jimmy Matthews Session 24
    “‘Jimmy, we can’t begin until you give your consent.’”
  • Water - daCunha.global
    Podcast: Water
    “She could feel the leaves singing, growing weak with joy and slowly letting go of their hold on the tree.”
  • A young boy reflected in a big window. "Goodnight City of Stars" Isabelle Lee - Made Up Words winner 2016 daCunha.global
    Podcast Goodnight City of Stars
    Our Honourable Mention winner of the 2016 short story competition. Read by Tom Frere and Kate Hampson
  • Podcast: Faint Cautionary Creee
    “He stands up and looks toward the crape myrtle, and for an instant, Emma believes that he can see her.” Winner of the 2016 Short Stories Competition Editors' Vote.

    Read by Kate Hampson
  • Sunset over a field of bailed hay. "Ride It Out" author Eric Van Meter daCunha.global plus podcast Ride It Out
    Podcast Ride it Out
    “That’s how it goes with fathers and sons. The lucky ones among us make it through alive.” Winner of the 2016 Short Stories Competition Readers' Vote.

    Read by Thomas Frere
Season 1

Kate and Tom recording the podcasts at The Garden Studio, York.
Recordings engineered by Ned.
Edited by Todd.
Music by PostCulture.

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