A brief case exploding - "It came to me in a dream" sideways cliches. problem solving from the pen of Oliver Shiny on the daCunha.global blog.

Sideways Cliches #1: It came to me in a dream…

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” Ellen Parr

Sideways Cliches #1

It came to me in a dream
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I tell stories.

It’s possible there’s a fundamental flaw in how we communicate.

Which I’ll get to after this anecdote.

The department head at my day job called a meeting the other day. He explained the point of it like this:

“I’ve been given a problem to solve. I’m not going to explain it, because that’s part of the problem. I don’t understand it. Nobody in the company does. That sounds bad, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. We know what departments are being effected by the problem, and we have a vague idea about those effects. That may not sound like much, which is why we’re here.”

Then my department head laid out the plans. Each of the people in my department had a specific set of questions that we needed to find answers to, and we all had certain groups of people who were our investigation territory, as it were — certain customers and clients and similar who had a different perspective on this mysterious problem.

Mr. Department Head gave us deadlines. He assigned us once weekly reports on our findings. The goal was first to gather information. Then, after our investigation, we would make a plan of action.

There’s a twist in this story.

All my writer instincts are telling me to come up with a better ending, but this is how it happened. All my other writer instincts are rebelling against that statement, too .  Change the story! the instincts shout. It doesn’t have to be a perfect reflection of reality!

Hold on, instincts. Let’s see how we feel after the twist.

Here’s the twist: after getting the plan all outlaid by Mr. Department Head… I woke up.

Because, you see, I dreamed the story.

Which would be a disappointing twist, writer instincts, if that were the end of the story. The dream was, in fact, the middle of a story that started with the term “human scale.”

Tune in next time, When dreams come true…

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