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Megan Wildhood is a Seattle-based creative writer, scuba diver and social-services worker known for her large, idiosyncratic earring collection. Her poetry chapbook, Long Division (Finishing Line Press, 2017), ruminates on sororal estrangement and volleying the challenges of growing up on the planet that’s very nearly aflame. An excerpt of her novel manuscript was published by AMP Hofstra’s literary magazine in May 2019. Her other work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Sun, and Yes! Magazine. She regularly writes for Real Change and Mad in America. She wants to connect with other weary humans around issues of mental and emotional distress, creating real community from the ashes of individualism and finding real hope if only as an act of defiance, in these tattered days.

She is also a restoration coach. She collaborates with women who are going through health, relationship, vocational, spiritual and other personal challenges to recover, recalibrate, rest and rebuild. She does this by walking with them through creating healing narratives and authentic reframes, using the combined power of breath and visualization to help them unhook from beliefs, emotions and past experiences so they are free to rewire their brains to serve them and their goals and sharing appropriate doses of her personal story to help them feel with their bodies beyond simply knowing with their minds the foundational truth that they are not alone. Though Megan believes that every interaction can be therapeutic, this is not psychotherapy. To see if Megan is a good fit, email her at for a free 20-minute phone or video interaction as a first step. She finds deepening joy in joining women as they walk out their healing into beautiful lives they love.

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