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Len Messineo earned a MFA in Creative Writing at Wichita State University and a MA in Theater at St. Louis University in playwrighting and directing. He was general editor of the book, The Unburnished Mirror: An Interpretative Study of Folklore. His pieces have appeared in many magazines, including Shanendoah, Tampa Review, New Novel Review, The Sun Magazine, The Chrysalis Reader, Tennessee Review, Rosebud and most recently the R-Spec Anthology. His stories have been twice nominated for inclusion in the Pushcart Prize Anthology. His one-act plays, By the Sea and My Anatomically Correct Artificial Life Form have been performed as part of the GEVA Theatre’s Regional Playwrights Festival in Rochester, NY. He teaches at Writers and Books and plays flute and saxophone and heads up the Artisan Jazz Trio which plays throughout the Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo corridor.

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