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Kate Hampson

Kate Hampson

Actor | voice artist

“If music be the food of love, play us a tune on your loaf…”


About the Author

Kate Hampson

Kate studied at York St John University in Film, TV, Theatre & Literature. She went on to train in clowning and physical theatre at The Utrecht School of Arts. Kate has worked extensively in theatre and can be be heard in the international tour of Obra Theatre Company's adaptation of Ted Hughes' Gaudete. As well as dozens of commercials, Kate has had many television roles. Most recently she has appeared in the award winning drama Happy Valley and plays the recurring role of PC Melissa Muybridge in ITV's Emmerdale. Enjoying singing, yoga and running Kate is currently learning the acoustic guitar and loves performing the excellent short stories for daCunha.

  • Audio: A Faint, Cautionary Creee
    Bari Hein
    The sound is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, like glass being wiped, or a small dog barking.
  • Audio: Goodnight City of Stars
    Isabelle Lee
    Isaac’s brother turns to him with a stubborn frown and vodka breath. He raises his bottle as if to catch the sky in his liquor.
  • Audio: Water
    Joe Belarge
    She could feel the leaves singing, growing weak with joy and slowly letting go of their hold on the tree.
  • Hooded man and phone - 'Jimmy Matthews Session 24' by Jeff Elkins for daCunha.global
    Audio: Jimmy Matthews Session 24
    Jeff Elkins
    ‘Jimmy, we can’t begin until you give your consent.’
  • Audio: Maps to Home
    Ayame Whitfield
    The older sister reached down and helped her sister into the sky.
  • Audio: Permanent Scars
    Lisa Ellex
    I lowered my eyes as I passed a neighbor on the stoop, certain she knew what I was going upstairs to do.