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Jane Nightshade



Jane Nightshade is a former business writer and editor who has turned to writing fiction of the darker persuasion. She is an occasional contributor at Horrornews.net and maintains a personal blog about all things of a macabre nature at Steemit. She is the author of The Drowning Game: A Novella of the Supernatural and Six Other Spine-Tingling Tales, available in ebook format on Amazon. Jane says of her work, "I usually never have a clear idea of a plot when I sit down to write a story. I create characters first, and maybe a vague idea of something creepy or funny I'd like to write about, and then the plot flows from there. Sometimes I surprise myself with the way my characters end up, and sometimes, although not often, I'm actually scared by my own characters." Some of her inspirations for her stories flow from the ghost stories and unique traditions of the Northern California Gold Country, close to where Jane grew up. Her most influential literary role model is Shirley Jackson, the author of The Lottery (aka the most famous short story in the history of American literature). Her biggest literary regret is that short stories are by far her preferred literary writing mode, and that many markets no longer publish them. Jane is also an artist and trained illustrator, and she created the cover illustration for The Drowning Game.

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