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We are delighted to announce the top stories from this summer’s competition.

Readers’ Favourite

Older Than You

Andrea Hansell

Old man on the boulevard: 'Older Than You' by Andrea Hansell daCunha.global

This essay, our Readers’ Favourite, is a lovely meditation on the ghost of love. Andrea Hansell’s personal tale captures the way that love weaves through our lives, travels through time and space with us and lingers long after the passing of the players. “Your ghost will roam with me …,” she says and we feel her loss, but also the eternal company that love provides.

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Editors’ Favourite

On the Road

Cynthia McVay

Cardinal bird - 'On the Road' winning short nonfiction from daCunha.global

This tiny jewel of an essay, our Editors’ Favourite, is a finely wrought and gorgeous testament to the universal nature of love. In stepping out of the realm of human love – familial, romantic, platonic – Cynthia McVay has distilled the essence of the thing that we call love. Her last line, in particular, illustrates that this bird love, of which she writes, is a precious miniature of our lived experience. “That one would not die of internal bleeding and the other of a broken heart.”

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Other readers favourite finalists’ stories

  • Smart phone reflecting disco lights - 'Facebook Boogie' by Laura Jones on daCunha
    Facebook Boogie
    Laura Jones
    A sharp and touching portrait of love in the digital age.
  • Girl twirling in breeze: 'Georgia: A Butterfly Bandage' by Kerry Leddy
    Georgia: A Butterfly Bandage
    Kerry Leddy
    A touching child’s ode to surrogate love.

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