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All About Love!


Why flash? Flash is a snapshot, a true story boiled down for maximum impact and minimum effort. Flash is a morsel, a treat, a moment in time distilled to its essence. Flash is a miniature, a micro-essay with macro implications. Flash is a polaroid, a palate cleanser, a firework.

Why love? What the world needs now is love, for sure, and we’d like to encourage you to share your tiny, flashy stories of love. Who do you love? What do you love? What has love given you? What has it taken away? What are the spoils and costs, the weights and measures of your love?

We’re having a contest to find the best, the brightest, the loveliest micro-essays about love that you can conjure. Because whipping up little visions of love is quite possibly the most important thing you can do with your summer, don’t you think?

Submissions now closed 2017

Our editorial team

Lisa Renee is a poet, essayist, and editor at daCunha. She lives near a big lake in New York. She loves books, music, food and drink. Quiet writing hours and raucous game nights. Stories and songs and champagne cocktails. Debates and conversations; ideas and imagination. Pillows and sunshine. So many things.

Find her writing in places like Exposition Review, The Hairpin, The Billfold, and Linden Avenue Literary Journal. Otherwise, find her here, at daCunha. Read more about Lisa here.

Grey Drane A professional wordsmith for over a decade and a futurist at heart, Grey’s creative writing — both fiction and non-fiction — explores technology, language, and human evolution with an optimism that is all too uncommon. Read more about Grey here.

Tom Farr is a writer, teacher, and storyteller who believes in crafting lies to tell the truth. When he’s not enjoying the good life with his beautiful wife Lindsey and their three much-adored children, he’s striving to create stories that thrill and inspire and preparing for the day Disney calls him to write a Star Wars movie

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Veronica Montes is Editrix of daCunha fiction. Her stories have appeared in Bamboo Ridge, Prism International, and maganda, and in many anthologies including Contemporary Fiction by Filipinos in America, Going Home to a Landscape: Writings by Filipinas, and Kuwento: Lost Things. Her short story collection, Benedicta Takes Wing, is forthcoming in 2017.

Oliver Shiny I tell stories.

Our journey

We’re working every day on finding stories, reading and selected the stories. This is our way of giving you a glimpse of the work as it unfolds.

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