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It's April. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Our Sound Stream is building, so look out for new audio versions of stories coming this month.

We said, back in February, we were currently developing our campfire with friends package. We were, really. But, we got diverted with a new front page and the launch of a gift for our storytellers. So look out for it's launch by end of April.

But, before that, Ned and Todd are headed to TEDxVitoria-Gasteiz to give a workshop on the big questions that shape our lives.

All the while, our Editrix, Veronica Montes, continues to perform readings from her first book, Benedicta Takes Wing. We're biased, perhaps, but we think it's a lovely collection of stories by a writer at the height of her powers as a storyteller.

Did someone say books?

Anthology 2 -- look out for a cover soon. We'll be posting a couple of choices here to get your feedback. It's exciting to be publishing our second book. It's a mixture of fiction and nonfiction. To mark the milestone, we'll be  amping things up this year with a bit different layout, size, and feel. Stay tuned.

About Anthology 1

“Without exception, the stories were imaginative and well-written, with some intriguing endings”
Ann Victoria Roberts - International bestselling author of Louisa Elliott, Liam's Story and The Master's Tale

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This is just the start of things, so check back often. Were continually updating our events and happenings --especially our live Experiences.

*Hey, if you're one of our authors and you have something going on,  we'd like to help you tell the world. send us a message with all the details and we'll promote it the hell out of it.

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