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Creator Agreement

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This is our Creator Agreement.

1. Rights. You own the rights to your work. Always. All we ask is you don’t make your work available for free while it’s on daCunha.

2. Adaptations. We’ll aim to:

+ Create an audio version of your story.

+ Perform your story live at one of our events.

+ Translate your story into another language.

+ Spotlight it on our podcast.

+ Interpret your story into other media. This might be video or other forms we can’t imagine at the moment.

…And if you’re selected, we’ll publish your work in our annual book.

We’ll alert you when your story is adapted, in any of the above formats, by sending you a copy. Yes, you own the rights to all adaptations.

3. Editing. We won’t edit your work without your permission.

4. Original. You confirm your work is yours.

5. Payment. We’re not paying at present. We don’t start getting paid until our authors do.

*It’s worth knowing we don’t have a back catalogue. No dates are placed on the work we feature and the way our members discover stories ensures every story is evergreen.

Creator agreement

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Image: Joris Voeten | Unsplash