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Creator Agreement


When your story is published:

You own the rights to your work. We ask that you don’t publish your work elsewhere while it’s on daCunha; you may request to remove it at any time.

We may:

Create an audio version of your story. We call these AudioOriginals®.

Perform your story live or play its AudioOriginal® at one of our events. This may be a daCunha StoryDJ®, Campfire® or Experience®.

Translate your story into another language.

We’ll alert you when your story is adapted, in any of the above formats, via email. You retain the global rights to all formats. Additional formats include our annual hardcover, e-book playlist, audio compilation, merchandise, and any future formats we might imagine. If your work is selected for any of these additional formats, we will seek your consent prior to publishing.

If you remove your story from daCunha.global and it has been published in our hardcover edition, we retain the right to sell any remaining copies, removing your story prior to additional printings. Your story will be removed from all other formats within 30 days.

We won’t edit your work without your permission.

You confirm your work is yours.

Authors earn royalties from their work as set out below.

We are an author first organisation, prioritising your benefit and your stories. That's why we don't have adverts, feeds, or notifications. It's just our readers and your stories.

We are constantly looking for ways to monetise your story for you. In addition to monetary potential, publishing with us includes being well read, recorded, and acted. You get;

A lifetime membership to the full daCunha.global experience.

An author website giving you the ability to sell your story in multiple formats, along with fan friendly things such as a calendar, bio, and links to your work and other platforms. It's

SEO optimisation of your author website, so people can easily find you.

An audio version of your story, professionally performed, recorded, and engineered with subtle sound effects. We call these AudioOriginals®

A chance to have your story played for an audience at a StoryDJ® event or performed live by professional actors at a daCunha Campfire® or Experience®

A chance to have your story included in our recurring Anthology, a beautiful hardcover.

A chance to have your story as the inspiration for merchandise.

Your story is evergreen. We don't have a back catalogue. No dates are placed on the work we feature, and the way our subscribers discover stories (through playlists, author pages, genre pages, themes, via random spotlight on our stories page, and highlighted in daCunha Mail) ensures your story enjoys a long life.

So, if you happen upon an opportunity to monetise your daCunha story outside of daCunha.global, we’d be grateful if you include us in some meaningful way.

Story Payments

Text ($3): $1 to you, $1 to daCunha team, $0.98 to fees/taxes(!), and we'll drop the remaining $0.02 into the overheads bucket for hosting, apps, and other fixed costs.

Audio($5): $1 to you, $1 to actor, $1 to daCunha team, and $1.41 to fees/taxes(!), and $0.59 to overheads bucket for hosting, apps, and other fixed costs.

Please note: to keep the per story fees low, NON-UK authors will be sent payment at 6 story sales intervals.

All Other Payment Opportunities

We will always ask for your permission before including your story in any of the products below.