Submitting your work

Our global editorial team welcomes and actively seeks a wide variety of work across fiction and nonfiction. This may be in the form of words, a recording, a video or even pictures of your physical artwork.

Find out about our guidelines, timeframes and submit your work here, including our current submission window dates.

Getting paid

We want you to be successful. This is what drives our business model and it’s the reason we want to distribute more than 50% of our revenue to you, the creator.


When we reach 10,000 subscribers, a single, published piece of work on daCunha will be worth $1,500 to its creator.  Clearly, you can see we are keen to make creating a viable option for you.

Our current payout for a submission: $0. (updated monthly*)

*Wait, what… I thought you were paying us? Yes, we do too, and we will, just as soon as we attract enough subscribers (not just website visitors) to cover our administration costs. Once we reach our basic subscription numbers our payout scales with our revenue.

And let’s be clear, we’re equals from the start. daCunha doesn’t pay anyone (including our own team) until it pays everyone. Yes, we realise that early submissions are for the love but, be assured, we intend to go back and pay all early submissions when we get to a meaningful level of commission on each current piece.

“…choices come down to taking a leap of faith or living with the regret of never having tried.” Martha Beck

Copyright and length of stay – you keep all rights to your work

We simply ask that we have exclusive publishing and distribution rights for your work for at least a 12-month period from publication on daCunha. Our creator payments are geared to support this arrangement. Please don’t publish your work elsewhere without letting us know. This also includes your own blog or website. If it is found that you have published elsewhere within the 12-month period, creator payments will cease.

Because the work we publish is exclusive and selective, we’d love to keep your work much longer. This means we then also have the opportunity to include it in our live events, within printed publications or as inspiration for products.

Creator-centric vibe

Every creator we publish gets free lifetime access to daCunha. All work is accompanied by your creator profile, including relevant links to your website or blog. Creators with more than three works on the platform will be given a creator’s page. And finally, we will be linking our creators to each other in hopes of sparking further collaboration and support.

Statistics v. collaboration

daCunha is set up like a carousel, not a hosepipe. Your work has a much longer (almost infinite) shelf life at daCunha. Our discovery system, based on curiosity, eliminates both the usual coveted front page and the desert of the back catalogue. A member can find or bump into your work as easily on day two of its life as day 332.

We track all engagement on the site and we share engagement stats on your work with you once per quarter (upon request). You won’t, however, find likes, recommends, or reader comments. We’re interested in creating a space where subscribers get to make up their own minds about the work and you get paid to share, regardless your popularity.

We do, of course, want people sharing and talking about your work. As such, we will be actively promoting your work across our social media platforms along with members of daCunha. While these links lead to paywalls, we have also created the artist’s library where each piece of work is publicly listed as ‘published by daCunha’ with editor notes and a short precis on each piece — a great way for you to reference your published works.

And finally… Why are we called daCunha?

Well, we were inspired by Tristan da Cunha. Found on the map because of indefatigable curiosity, it’s the least inhabited and, arguably, the most remote archipelago on this beautiful planet, but well worth the visit.