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 The world needs storytellers, they also need to pay them.

 It’s our mission to bring your brilliant stories to the world and support your talent.


Just like our sticky notes, there are two sides to every story…

  • 'Create your story' Pay the creators - daCunha.global
    Create what you love
    fiction | creative nonfiction | poetry | photography | films | personal memoir | art | audio

    We want your best stories.
  • 'Submit' Pay the storytellers - daCunha.global
    Send it to daCunha
    Details on what we're looking for, how to submit and how we work with you and your story can be found below.
  • 'Every story read by 2+ editors' Pay the storytellers, daCunha.global
    we read your story
    We give your work the attention it deserves. Read by at least two of our diverse editorial team, voting ensues and discussions are had, because your story matters.
  • 'We pay according to our subscription levels' Pay the storytellers, daCunha.global
    we pay for your story
    Subscribers and engaged audiences are key to this. You don't get paid on popularity, length, or your pedigree... your pay is based on our subscriber levels.
  • 'Hold on!' Pay the storytellers, daCunha.global
    Wait a minute!
    Why shouldn't I wait for daCunha to get more subscribers? Then I'll get more for my story…
  • 'Here's the clever bit' pay the storytellers - daCunha.global
    about that pay thing ...
    We don't get paid until you do and we keep paying you until your story attracts $5,000. Regardless of when you are published, each story that remains exclusive to daCunha will attract up to $5,000 if we reach the modest subscriber levels needed.
  • 'Yes $5000!' Pay the storytellers, daCunha.global
    $5,000… really?
    Really. After covering our infrastructure fixed costs, we split all of our revenue with you 50/50. As our subscriber numbers rise, so will your fee per story. You can read the detail in our creator agreement.
  • 'And there's more...' Pay the storytellers daCunha
    With us you won’t grow old
    Our website is designed to keep all our stories current. You’ll have your own creator page and the social awareness we build for you, together with derivative works we create to bring your work to new audiences. That may be audio, film, products and books; created with your permission, these also mean more income for you.