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Beneath Her Cotton Skin

Beneath her Cotton Skin

This work considers and examines many adult themes

About the Author

Connie Karleta Sales


Exhibited nationally; collected internationally; Connie is a multi-dimensional artist, educator, and public speaker specializing in large-scale projects exploring intersections of spirituality, social action, and the creative process. Receiving her BFA from Southern Methodist University, she also studied abroad at University College, Oxford, England and Fort Burgwin Research Center, Taos, NM. In 2016, Connie piloted a program actively engaging history and community through plein-air landscape painting. Her work has been featured on the cover of the Boise Weekly and in publications including Crossing Genres, Human Development Project, and Art Narratives. Visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

Beneath Her Cotton Skin, comes directly from my experiences of secretly taping my life to my body, in the form of letters and drawings, underneath my clothes. Part of a larger series, Brave House Secrets, an interactive traveling exhibition; moves from the shame, secrecy, and stigma of PTSD and childhood abuse into the daily choice of living in compassion, forgiveness, trust, and spiritual healing.

What say she
beneath her cotton skin?

What say She?

When words are not enough
When none saw any
One saw few
And no one heard cries betrayed?

What say She?

When her voice becomes
The icy brightness,
Of a life
With paper friendships?

What say She?

When she cries in her hunger;
In the sustenance
of the everyday.
Like metastatic disease,
the nights are long.

She fears they will never end;
And the unutterable
radiance of day is
only a reminder

That night will come again?

What say She?

When all she has are eyes;
The texture of her words;
Rooted in experience?

What say She?

When he say! Fuck!
I come for tea, and
You greet me with an apology!
It is your own damn fault!

You look like shit.
You bitch! Now, look at what you made me do.
I will take you back to school.

What say She?

When she feels
within her uselessness
Quivering behind her teeth.

Will the discard be her deliverance?

Defiance standing on
her crooked chin?

What say She?

In the tell-all refuse
Beneath her cotton skin?

What say She!
Brave House Secrets

Edited by Allan Rae

Poems and Images: Connie Karleta Sales

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