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Clynthia Burton Graham


Clynthia Burton Graham is a passionate writer who explores emotional, impactful, and defining moments in the lives of people of color. Her inspiration has been honed through the years. From listening to her aunts, grandmothers, and mother while hiding under the kitchen table to slinking beneath the window of the neighborhood barber shop, to walking the streets of Baltimore conversing with the homeless to the elite, she has cultivated the art of storytelling in her prose. She is a MFA graduate from the Creative Writing & Publishing Arts Program at the University of Baltimore, where she resides. Her work has been recognized by the Maryland Writer’s Association and the Hurston/Wright Foundation. Her short stories have appeared in Persimmon Tree Literary Magazine, Pilcrow & Dagger Literary Journal, Academy of the Heart and Mind, daCunha, Skelter, and other publications.

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