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13th October 2017

Every relationship is based on stories, anecdotes, and shared experiences; business relationships are no different. When you share authentic stories with your customers you’re beginning a conversation and a bond that lives with your clients before and long after they buy.

Our aim is simple; inform, inspire, and spark discussions about the power of stories in business. A nationally recognised teamwork professional is our guide for this event, where we will be joined by a Hollywood actor, a presentation expert, and a social entrepreneur — specifically selected for the kinds of stories and experiences they can share with you. We’ll top it off with some colourful, delicious food and drink conjured up by Shine’s talented chef.

This event was developed by the people of daCunha, with support from the RSA. — The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

  • Dominic, Anji and Ned - daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • Ned Hoste and Rachel Barker - daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • Todd Hannula - daCunha & RSA Business Campfire
  • daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • Jane Gaukroger - daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire
  • daCunha.global & RSA Business Campfire

Our Venue: Shine, Leeds

Always at the heart of its community, SHINE’s impressive Grade II victorian building was built in 1898, opening as the Gipton Board School and soon became the place to educate the many children of workers at the world famous Montague Burton Suit Company just around the corner, finally closing in the mid 1990’s as Harehills Middle School.

It is people, however, that make places come to life, and while it is an impressive structure, its importance in the community is drawn from everyone’s experience within its four walls.

It was this truth, ‘people make the place’, that led a small team of social entrepreneurs from England, Ireland, and the United States to embark on a mission to refurbish and reopen the former school in 2007/8. It is fitting that international entrepreneurs played a key role in the development, given the history of Harehills as the first home for many immigrants arriving in Leeds over the past 150 years.

Thus, the abandoned, derelict former Harehills Middle School, which had stood vacant for nearly 20 years became SHINE, a space for meetings, offices, a community café and gallery.

Today, the team operating Shine borrow heavily from its history. In addition to being a hub for conferencing, business and connecting entrepreneurs, SHINE introduces local primary school children to the arts through free, amazing drama productions by its long time tenant and world renowned production company Tutti Frutti. SHINE also gives these same children the chance to grow gardens of food, enabling them to learn valuable life skills. The team behind SHINE, positively impact the lives of dozens of more children through their unique relationship with a regional women’s prison. Wholly without the aid of government funding, SHINE seeks out and employs non-violent women ex-offenders, many of whom are mothers. This work helps break the cycle of repeat offending and puts families back together.

SHINE works every day to raise aspirations and create opportunities for local children, budding entrepreneurs, ex-offenders, and the many different facets of its local community.

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