“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” Ellen Parr

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  • 'Parameters of solar north' Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global blog
    Parameters of Solar North
    Down feels so arbitrary. "Down" could have pulled anywhere. What if all "down" on Earth pulled toward Jupiter? That would mess up all your candid Marilyn Monroe poses, wouldn't...

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  • 'The Locker Room' Todd Hannula on daCunha blog - thanks
    The Locker Room
    Todd Hannula
  • When Dreams Come True - Sideways Cliches #2 Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global
    Sideways Cliches #2: When dreams come true
    Fate is when timing and observation create revelation.
  • 'Finding My Way Home' Todd Hannula daCunha.global the blog
    Finding My Way Home
    You know your comfort zone? Sometimes, your joy is far outside of it.
    Todd Hannula
  • Sideways Cliches #4: A (human scale) dark and stormy night
    Let's explore.

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