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“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” Ellen Parr

We grumble…

…because it doesn’t happen enough, really. I mean, how often, when we're reading or listening to something or someone, do we hear something that starts our minds on some only halfway related tangent? I'm sure it happens to some people more than other people, but I would feel uncomfortable asserting that it isn't one of the common experiences of the human race.

That's curiosity. That's the urge to look behind curtains and wonder about the other sides of hills. It's what makes us invent and explore, that impulse to wonder what went unsaid, like some kind of metaphorical itch.

If this blog has a unifying theme, it's to scratch mental itches. It's not an exhaustive encyclopedia of academic treatises attempting to obscure all ignorance behind some pretense of expertise, which can only ever be a snapshot of a moment anyway. Ask the last Ptolemaic physicist. He still has no idea what happened.

Instead, this blog seeks to give air to those instances when the imagination interrupts what’s going on with a sometimes only obliquely related point of curiosity.

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  • 'The Art of Annoying Stories' daCunha blog by Oliver Shiny
    The Art of Annoying Stories
    Stories are like Rube Goldberg machines: inviting examination of the term "unnecessarily complicated."

Some mental itches to scratch

  • Wide open plains - Letters to daCunha from author Ben Weinberg - daCunha blog
    Letters to daCunha from Ben Weinberg
    Benjamin Weinberg
    Letter writing isn’t a lost art, just a rare one.
  • daCunha anthology no 1 on a garden table next to a pot of pansies and some glasses
    First Fiction Anthology - Our Authors
    Jacky Fitt
    Discover who are our featured authors for our first fiction anthology.
  • Man sits alone on a bench reading - 'Reverie on Boredom' blog on daCunha.global by Oliver Shiny
    A personal reverie on boredom
    Think about discomfort.
  • A man obscured by smoke - Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global blog: An all-consuming problem
    Sideways Cliches #3: An all-consuming problem
    If necessity is the mother of invention, obsession is its nursery.
  • 'Give me more, my aching heart' Oliver Shiny on daCunha Blog
    Give me more, my aching heart
    Sad stories are strange.
  • White peaks - 'Sound Sculpture' the blog on daCunha by Oliver Shiny
    Sound Sculpture
    Listen closely to what people aren't saying.
  • Masters of bending and misusing' Oliver Shiny on the daCunha blog
    Master of bending and misusing
    Mastery is about practicing what you do till you can wear the boundaries of it like a skin. Then stretching your skin.
  • Tiny white toadstool amidst autumn leaves - 'Touch the world, describe the world, and always include a third item on your list' Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global blog
    Touch the world, describe the world, and always include a third item on your list
    It's a matter of perspective. But, then, what isn't?... That's a real question. What ISN'T a matter of perspective? I'm plagued by this question.
  • Army photography of a young man. 'The Nuked Man' - Made Up Words - daCunha.global
    About The Nuked Man
    Jennifer Brown
    Meet Jennifer Brown’s grandfather, the Nuked Man.
  • Hands, heart, sun: 15 minutes daCunha blog by Todd Hannula
    15 minutes...
    Todd Hannula
    ... Suddenly, it was grossly apparent, I was lying motionless on the floor, I’d peed my pants, and I was staring blankly at the ceiling. I was dead.
  • Sideways Cliches #4: A (human scale) dark and stormy night
    Let's explore.
  • A buddha wth two faces - 'Equivoque' Oliver Shiny on the daCunha.global blog
    Equivoque, n.: an ambiguous expression
    Listen close. You may hear what people say.
  • A jumble of old globes and maps - 'Parameters of solar north' Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global blog
    Parameters of Solar North
    Down feels so arbitrary. "Down" could have pulled anywhere. What if all "down" on Earth pulled toward Jupiter? That would mess up all your candid Marilyn Monroe poses, wouldn't it? See? Need to think about these things.
  • 'The Locker Room' Todd Hannula on daCunha blog - thanks
    The Locker Room
    Todd Hannula
  • Old fashioned ink pen nib - 'Public Intimacy' blog from Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global
    Public Intimacy
    Sometimes we write so that we can hide behind ourselves.
  • Looking up at a city scape of sky scrapers - When Dreams Come True - Sideways Cliches #2 Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global
    Sideways Cliches #2: When dreams come true
    Fate is when timing and observation create revelation.
  • Old cartoon annuals - "You'd Never Say that an Orchid could Do with a bit Deeper Shade of Eyeliner" Oliver Shiny on cover art - daCunha.global blog
    You’d Never Say that an Orchid Could Do with a Bit Deeper Shade of Eyeliner.
    Books aren't the same way, but as a writer I sometimes feel like they ought to be.
  • daCunha blog 'Gaytys and Dangs' Walter Cummins on daCunha.global
    Gaytys and Dangs
    Walter Cummins
    Walter Cummins tells us the adventures that led him to write the story “Among the Gaytys.”
  • 'The Art of Annoying Stories' daCunha blog by Oliver Shiny
    The Art of Annoying Stories
    Stories are like Rube Goldberg machines: inviting examination of the term "unnecessarily complicated."
  • A skull on a table - Lean Guy for daCunha blog by Oliver Shiny
    Lean Guy
    Writer, n.: a thought-herd, e.g., "It's like herding cats."
  • A bicycle locked up outside the front door steps. 'Finding My Way Home' Todd Hannula daCunha.global the blog
    Finding My Way Home
    Todd Hannula
    You know your comfort zone? Sometimes, your joy is far outside of it.
  • ;I feel like a flapping salmon dry-heaving around on the vast saltine of life' Oliver Shiny on the daCunha blog
    I feel like a flapping salmon dry-heaving around on the vast saltine of life
    Maybe the part of the universe that makes sense is so big I can't see it.
  • Beach by and tide moonlight - 'All of Life in miniature' daCunha.global blog
    All of life in miniature.
    Fractals make a lot of sense.
  • A brief case exploding - "It came to me in a dream" sideways cliches. problem solving from the pen of Oliver Shiny on the daCunha.global blog.
    Sideways Cliches #1: It came to me in a dream...
    A good cliche works because it fits.
  • A photograph of a typewriter on a wooden bench. 'Thought-coloured painting' Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global
    Thought-colored painting
    Antagonism is not the only, nor the most compelling, source of conflict.
  • Cooking fire - 'Raw Material' by Oliver Shiny, daCunha blog
    Raw Material
    Life is already cross-discipline anyway. Why shouldn't our obsessions be too?
  • Multicoloured balloons rise in to a blue sky. On Bari Lynn Hein 2016 winning short story 'A Faint, Cautionary Creee' daCunha blog
    Raves from the Band: Praise for Winner - Made Up Words Short Story Competition 2016
    The daCunha team talks up the winners of our 2016 fiction contest.
  • Climbers on a snowy peak. Todd Hannula - 'Finding my Feet' Undertow daCunha.global
    Finding my feet
    Todd Hannula
    An insight into the sparks that made daCunha flicker and begin to breathe.

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