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“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” Ellen Parr

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  • Beach by and tide moonlight - 'All of Life in miniature' daCunha.global blog
    All of life in miniature.
    Fractals make a lot of sense.

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  • An empty cafe with forgotten cups and saucers. 'Conversations at the edge of my mind' Tom Farr on daCunha.global
    Conversation on the Edge of My Mind
    Glimpse into a writer's imagination. Tom Farr talks over coffee with a character from one of his stories.
    Tom Farr
  • Climbers on a snowy peak. Todd Hannula - 'Finding my Feet' Undertow daCunha.global
    Finding my feet
    An insight into the sparks that made daCunha flicker and begin to breathe.
    Todd Hannula
  • Looking up at a city scape of sky scrapers - When Dreams Come True - Sideways Cliches #2 Oliver Shiny on daCunha.global
    Sideways Cliches #2: When dreams come true
    Fate is when timing and observation create revelation.
  • Army photography of a young man. 'The Nuked Man' - Made Up Words - daCunha.global
    About The Nuked Man
    Meet Jennifer Brown’s grandfather, the Nuked Man.
    Jennifer Brown

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