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Bari Lynn Hein

AUTHOR | Short story winner 2016


Bari Lynn Hein lives on the outskirts of Washington, D.C., but her mind takes daily excursions to the settings of her stories. Lately, that’s meant a lot of time spent in a Russian shtetl at the turn of the twentieth century, while she works on her first historical fiction manuscript. Two more novels are on submission to editors. Her first published short story was “A Faint, Cautionary Creee”, awarded Editor’s Choice in daCunha’s Made-up Words contest, 2016. Since then, her short fiction has also appeared in The Saturday Evening Post (“Skyscrapers”, awarded runner-up in the Great American Fiction contest, 2018) and HCE Review (“A Thousand Feet Up”). “Too Polite” is forthcoming this summer in The Ilanot Review.

Much of her writing has been colored by an upbringing in the idyllic Cotswolds. Many of her stories have evolved at three in the morning, when entire paragraphs fill her head and refuse to let her go back to sleep. Themes of love and loss invariably find their way into her work.

Bari is the wife of an artist and the mother of two creative daughters. She bakes her bread from scratch and speaks French, Italian, German and Spanish with absolutely no proficiency.

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“One of my favorite things about daCunha (and there are many) is the sense of community you’ve created among the contributors and editors. I’m excited to be part of this and intend to submit more work in the future”.

Bari Hein

“Bari’s story left me stunned, in a quiet meditative state.” 

Todd, Co-founder and Producer.

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Too Polite (coming this summer)
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