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Walter Cummins has published seven short story collections—Witness, Where We Live, Local Music, The End of the Circle, The Lost Ones, Habitat: stories of bent realism, Telling Stories: Old and New. His most recent book is Knowing Writers: Essays and Reviews. More than 100 of his stories, as well as memoirs, essays, and reviews, have appeared in magazines such as New Letters, Kansas Quarterly, Virginia Quarterly Review, Under the Sun, Arts & Letters, Confrontation, Bellevue Literary Review, Connecticut Review, The Laurel Review, Other Voices, Georgetown Review, Contrary, Sonora Review, Abiko Quarterly, Weber Studies, Midwest Quarterly, West Branch, South Carolina Review, Crosscurrents, Crescent Review, The MacGuffin, in book collections, and on the Web. His other books include co-authorship of two on Florham, the Vanderbilt-Twombly estate, and, with Arthur T. Vanderbilt, a work on the life of the Twombly chef, Joseph Donon. With Thomas E. Kennedy, he was founding co-publisher of Serving House Books, an outlet for novels, memoirs, and story, poetry, and essay collections. For more than twenty years, he was editor of The Literary Review. He teaches in the graduate creative writing programs at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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  • A photographer looks back at us from a dense forest path.
    Among The Gaytys
    Walter Cummins
    A thin layer of straw covered with a pied animal skin would be his bed, and there were two crude woven baskets for his belongings.
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    Walter Cummins
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    I feel like a flapping salmon dry-heaving around on the vast saltine of life
    Maybe the part of the universe that makes sense is so big I can't see it.
  • Lonely Woman
    Walter Cummins
    She looked at him blankly. "Who are you?"

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