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Todd Hannula

Todd Hannula

Co-Founder | Producer

I build human scale businesses with positivity, generosity, empathy, and story building at their core. I’m driven by curiosity. As a result, everything I do has social, environmental, and economic benefits woven into its DNA. Because, it matters.

I have a diverse background enhanced by living and working in both the USA and the UK. My skills are drawn from extensive experience in advanced science, big business, small business, retail, restaurants, entrepreneurship and fatherhood.

Businesses are always about the people. My personhood has both shaped and been shaped by my business life –including living in 13 US States, becoming an ultra-marathon trail runner and a stint as a breakdancer.

While I am fully engaged in the building of my latest venture, daCunha, I am asked from time to time to share my experience and ideas in the following ways:

Author: I write creative non-fiction exploring ideas in business, leadership, entrepreneurship, social justice and education. My writing has garnered over 100,000 reads and I am published in The Future of University Education for use in university’s masters level textbook for The Jagiellionian University, Kraków Poland
Durham University, UK; Linnaeus University, Sweden.

Speaker: I share ideas and inspiration in a variety of settings with audiences spanning attendees at TEDx, senior teams of Fortune 500 companies, industry gatherings, university groups and civic gatherings. I am asked to speak on topics including entrepreneurship, social impact business and creativity.

Non-Exec Director: I have served on private, non-profit, and public boards and advisory groups to provide an injection of ideas and fresh thinking to build strategies key to achieving near term objectives with long-term sustainability.

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