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I tell stories.

  • Multicoloured balloons rise in to a blue sky. On Bari Lynn Hein 2016 winning short story 'A Faint, Cautionary Creee' daCunha blog
    Raves from the Band: Praise for Winner - Made Up Words Short Story Competition 2016
    The daCunha team talks up the winners of our 2016 fiction contest.
  • Sideways Cliches #4: A (human scale) dark and stormy night
    Let's explore.
  • A man obscured by smoke - Oliver Shiny on blog: An all-consuming problem
    Sideways Cliches #3: An all-consuming problem
    If necessity is the mother of invention, obsession is its nursery.
  • Looking up at a city scape of sky scrapers - When Dreams Come True - Sideways Cliches #2 Oliver Shiny on
    Sideways Cliches #2: When dreams come true
    Fate is when timing and observation create revelation.
  • A brief case exploding - "It came to me in a dream" sideways cliches. problem solving from the pen of Oliver Shiny on the blog.
    Sideways Cliches #1: It came to me in a dream...
    A good cliche works because it fits.
  • Man sits alone on a bench reading - 'Reverie on Boredom' blog on by Oliver Shiny
    A personal reverie on boredom
    Think about discomfort.
  • A buddha wth two faces - 'Equivoque' Oliver Shiny on the blog
    Equivoque, n.: an ambiguous expression
    Listen close. You may hear what people say.
  • 'Give me more, my aching heart' Oliver Shiny on daCunha Blog
    Give me more, my aching heart
    Sad stories are strange.
  • Masters of bending and misusing' Oliver Shiny on the daCunha blog
    Master of bending and misusing
    Mastery is about practicing what you do till you can wear the boundaries of it like a skin. Then stretching your skin.
  • A photograph of a typewriter on a wooden bench. 'Thought-coloured painting' Oliver Shiny on
    Thought-colored painting
    Antagonism is not the only, nor the most compelling, source of conflict.

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