Author editor Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee

Lisa Renee

managing Editor, Nonfiction
“Write it down. Write it all down. It’s all important and you will forget it all. Write it down.”Lisa

Born between two big cities in Maryland, I obtained a very fun but fairly useless art history degree. Ready for grad school, law school, fortune or fame, fate gave me a family instead and rewrote my plans.

After decades of homeschooling four kids, I’m finally getting around to scratching the creative itch. Freelance writing has been intensely gratifying and editing allows me the privilege of collaboration and a window into the creative process of others.

I’ve lived in New York’s Finger Lakes region for 20 years and am blessed to be married to my best friend. We’ve somehow managed to shepherd all the children into variants of adulthood and I’m looking forward to a second (third?) act filled with renewed inspiration and creativity.

The things I love most are books, music, food and drink. Quiet writing hours and raucous game nights. Stories and songs and champagne cocktails. Debates and conversations; ideas and imagination. Pillows and sunshine. Words. So many things. I should stop.