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Jonathan Durie lives in the heart of Los Angeles, California – a world away from his upbringing in rural Scotland. His first published short story Sea Breach takes place in the sleepy fishing villages of the Fife coast near where he grew up.

He made it 20mins up the road from his house to graduate St.Andrews University. He was then offered the Robert Tyre Jones Scholarship to study fiction at Emory University in Atlanta. Living in a diverse, vibrant city he began to experiment with American settings and voices. He began writing screenplay, which would go on to tussle with poetry and fiction for his attention from then on.

In 2014 he returned to Scotland from America and moved to the capital, Edinburgh. The country was fizzing with the energy of the independence referendum and he immersed himself in the literary scene. His work was recognized by the Scottish Book Trust with the Callan Gordon Award for new writing. At twenty-four, he was among the awards youngest recipients. He read alongside the likes of Malachy Tallack and Martin MacInnes at book trust events. He was mentored by acclaimed poet Jacob Polley with whom he gave readings regularly. He was shortlisted for the Jane Martin Poetry Prize whilst bringing together a chapbook that he has yet to publish.

America has always been active in Jonathan’s imagination. After a whirlwind romance he married in Las Vegas and moved to Hollywood. Driving through Arizona and stopping for gas in the height of the 2016 Presidential election sparked Zigzag, Arizona. His work often features isolated people out of their time. He has no idea what this says about him. He is a former script editor and screenwriter in both television and film. He’s currently active in production of a nature documentary series for Netflix and preparing a film adaptation of Sea Breach. Short fiction remains his secret favourite and he hopes to publish more widely.

He is the husband of a writer. He loves to cook pasta, make ice-cream and play rugby with his eclectic crew of international teammates. He speaks French with passionate mediocrity and remains defiantly European. .

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“Jonathan's a writer of great promise and thoughtfulness, and his writing is full of life and striking ways of seeing.” 
Jacob Polley

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