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Jacky Fitt

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Jacky Fitt

Copywriter | Editor – Social & Digital
“… ideally, I’d be doing a lot more dancing. When I’m not, I’m writing or daydreaming, or both.”Jacky

Beginning life in North London, Yorkshire is my adopted home. I thought I would make a grand show jumper but ended up a theatre designer who then worked in film and TV production until I figured out I could write.

Initially a freelance copywriter, in 2007 I had the good fortune to meet Ned and co-founded The Big Ideas Collective creative and publishing agency based in York, UK.

A TEDx speaker, I love uncomplicated, human communication and have worked with entrepreneurs and all sizes of businesses right up to national broadcasters on just that. In 2015 my first book ‘How to Get Inside Someone’s Head and Stay There’ won the People’s Choice Small Business Book Award for marketing.

Married to professional actor Thomas Frere, whose dulcet tones you can hear on our Audio Originals and Podcast series, I’m confounded and delighted by my two teenage daughters Phoebe and Esmée who are currently taking the world by force storm.

I’m still dancing, use Feldenkrais Method® (in order to keep dancing), love camping, travelling and championing the environment.

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