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Guy Biederman lives on a houseboat near San Francisco with his wife and two salty cats and walks the planks daily. He's the author of three collections of short work: Parts & Labor, Thumbprint Press, 1992, House Samurai, Iota Press, 2006, and Soundings and Fathoms, Finishing Line Press, 2018. Forty-nine of his stories have appeared in literary journals including daCunha, Carve, Flashback Fiction, The Sea Letter, and Exposition Review, where he has been a three time winner in their Flash 405 contests. Pretty Owl Poetry has nominated his flash fiction for Best of the Net 2018. One of his stories appeared in Third Wednesday's print edition as flash fiction and also ran as Poem Of The Week on their blog. Guy served in the Peace Corps during a civil war in Guatemala, 1981, was evacuated and later received his M.A. from San Francisco State where his creative writing teaching career began. Along the way, he worked as a bookstore clerk, gardener, ad sales rep, sports writer, and publisher. For a dozen years he published the literary magazine Bust Out Stories, along with a handful of titles by local writers, including the first edition of The Great Petrowski by Gina Berriault. Guy loves to teach, loves to cross borders, and loves open mics. And he loves the short form. He and his wife Phyllis host the creative salon Anonymous Pie every New Years Day on their floating Dandelion, buoyed by an abiding belief that imagination will show us the way, and creativity will get us there. He also believes in pie. And prefers to write before dawn in a leather chair with a cat in his lap, a cat on his shoulder, coffee in one hand, pilot pen in the other, with a notebook, a Mac, and stack of poetry resting on the armrest, a balancing act of sorts, at high tide.

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“Guy Biederman is a writer of perfect voice and mischievous brilliance; a true mechanic of the senses. He pushes his art so seamlessly to the limits of craft, it’s as if his stories are the errands of new physics. With modal fiction, like waking up in America with no bloodline but having finally made a friend, Biederman is the jazzman who walks you home.” Tongo Eisen-Martin, Someone’s Dead Already, Heaven Is All Goodbyes, winner California Book Award

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