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Andrea Hansell

AUTHOR | Flash nonfiction Readers’ Choice Winner 2017


Andrea Goodman Hansell began telling stories to her little brothers when she was six.  A few years later she put pen to paper and sent her cousins serialized installments of a very long novel about a very small field mouse named Lester.  After publishing some truly terrible poems in her high school literary magazine, she went on to study creative writing at Princeton University.  In 1979 she won a writing competition and was named a Guest Editor at Mademoiselle Magazine.

Andrea completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Michigan in 1990 and practiced as a psychotherapist in Ann Arbor for many years.  While working as a therapist and raising her two children she had little time for writing, but she made up many stories in her head while sitting in traffic jams.  She also realized that psychotherapy itself is about helping people tell their stories.

Andrea moved to Rockville, Maryland six years ago.  After the unexpected death of her husband she decided to focus exclusively on her writing. She brushed up her skills by taking classes at The Writers Center in Bethesda, joining a helpful and supportive writing group, and attending intensive writing workshops sponsored by the University of Michigan and Pacific University.  Since returning to writing, Andrea has published essays and short stories in a variety of publications including The Lascaux Review, Intima, and several anthologies. She is also a script writer for The Glowmedia Project, a nonprofit group which creates films for mental health education in middle and high schools.   

Andrea‘s current goal is to embark on writing a novel.  In the mean time she feels as though she is living a novel of her own.  Two years ago she met a wonderful man who is also widowed, and, much to her surprise, fell in love again.  At sixty she is now busy trying on dresses and going to cake-tastings for her upcoming wedding.

Andrea was thrilled to have her flash non-fiction piece win the “Reader’s Choice” award for daCunha Global. She looks forward to seeing her piece in daCunha’s Anthology 2.

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“Anais Nin said, "We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect." Through writing I experience my life not just twice, but many times – while I live it, as I think about how to write it, while I am writing, as I read what I wrote, and when I watch how people respond to what I wrote. In non-fiction the same event can be told many times using multiple perspectives. The possibilities in fiction are endless – you can change the ending, the time period, the characters, while still retaining the kernel of an actual event. The act of writing puts life into a kaleidoscope, turning ordinary shapes and colors into infinitely varied designs, each uniquely beautiful.