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Thomas Frere

Thomas Frere

Actor | Voice Artist | Presenter
“The mulch maketh the man.”Thomas

Thomas is an actor first and foremost but has also worked as a director, writer, musician, workshop leader, voice coach, presenter, model, trainer, entrepreneur and furniture salesman.

He spends a fair amount of time away from home on tour in far flung corners of the UK and not quite enough time at home in uncultivated corners of his allotment.


Visit daCunha podcasts. You’ll also find we have created Audio Originals for selected stories.

  • Audio: Goodnight City of Stars
    Isabelle Lee
    “Isaac’s brother turns to him with a stubborn frown and vodka breath. He raises his bottle as if to catch the sky in his liquor.”
  • Audio: Ride it Out
    Eric Van Meter
    “That’s how it goes with fathers and sons. The lucky ones among us make it through alive.” Winner of the 2016 Short Stories Competition Readers' Vote.
  • Hooded man and phone - 'Jimmy Matthews Session 24' by Jeff Elkins for
    Audio: Jimmy Matthews Session 24
    Jeff Elkins
    “‘Jimmy, we can’t begin until you give your consent.’”
  • Audio: The Games We Play
    Peter Lingard
    “I cocked my head and listened, trying to establish exactly where in the house my mother lurked.”
  • Audio: Letters from an Assassin
    E. Viona
  • Audio: Head in the Clouds
    Benjamin Shalva
    I had relinquished my freewill to a suction cup mounted, coaster-sized clairvoyant. And she had betrayed me with gridlock.
  • Audio: Ghosts of Finbury Road
    Sally Roberts

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