If you asked me to describe my ideal job, I suppose it would have to include three must haves. First, mentoring and teaching would need to play a part. Of course writing would be a major component as well. Though the most important aspect would have to be working alongside a team of creative, insightful people who have a passion for storytelling.

Allan: senior editor daCunha nonfiction

Allan: senior editor daCunha nonfiction

So I guess I am a lucky guy, since, at the risk of sounding cliche, that accurately describes my role as Senior Editor for Nonfiction here at daCunha. But it’s the team I work on that I want to talk a little about. While there were a few specific things I was looking for in the editors I’d be working with, ultimately, wide ranging ideas and perspectives were the key. With Gloria Difulvio and Hana Leshner, I am confident I have found that.

Consider the diverse interests and perspectives that, between the three of us, we bring to the table. A gay games gold medalist, an NCAA soccer player, a nationally ranked swimmer, a documentary film maker, a university program head, a Phd, a harmonica player, a cooking program volunteer, a certified flight paramedic, a Stevie Wonder die hard fan, an ex cheerleader, an Agatha Christie fan, two Myers Briggs ENFP’s and an INFJ. To name but a few.

Those are just a few of the similarities and differences of the team dedicated to hosting the best creative nonfiction on the web. Find out more by subscribing today.

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