What happens when a group of four very different writers join forces to curate a collection of online fiction?

If we’re being honest… Magic.

Veronica: editrix daCunha fiction

Veronica: editrix daCunha fiction

The stories that we ourselves write slide along the spectrum from literary to futurist, lyrical to multi-genre, and so it follows that this range is reflected in the authors we publish on daCunha. That means you can read the type of fiction you love, plus explore and discover new voices and genres. One thing remains constant: the quality of the writing.

At daCunha, we search for stories that inspire you to engage more deeply with the world, build your capacity for empathy, and cultivate curiosity. Come see what we’ve found.

  • The Escape of Bruin Humphrey - daCunha.global
    The Escape of Bruin Humphrey
    “‘“Astoria, Queens, is no place for a werebear.’”
    J.H. Gutbloom
  • 'Out of Time' by Nikki Bee Williams - daCunha.global
    Out of Time
    “Time-jacking was a dangerous thrill.”
    Nikki Bee Williams
  • 'A Golden Light' by author Stephen M. Tomic - daCunha.global
    A Golden Light
    "Afterwards, the girl sauntered over to the shower. As she rinsed and scrubbed, the artist approached with a camera and snapped a photo as the paint swirled around the...
    Stephen M. Tomic