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“Stories are the lies through which we find the truth.” daCunha, channeling  Albert Camus

Designed for the curious reader. Free of feeds, hearts, ads, and chatter, our growing circle of curated stories is here for you to follow on your own unique path—not someone else's.

Our stories slide easily into your day. Have a few minutes between appointments? Dip into some flash nonfiction. Train ride home? Immerse yourself in a short story.

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Our editrices, Veronica and Lisa, along with their team, select a handful of stories from those we publish during the year. Our anthologies include contest winners, some extraordinary fiction, and touching creative nonfiction.

The hardcover edition is no longer available, but we’ve given the stories an equally impressive digital home. Ned, our co-founder and designer, worked his magic on fonts and formatting while adding just enough imagery to fire your imagination before immersing yourself in storytellers’ words. The result: a fabulous digital experience.

“Imaginative and well-written, with some intriguing endings.”

Ann Victoria Roberts, international bestselling author of Louisa Elliott on Anthology 1

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In the 16th century, Portuguese explorer Tristao da Cunha caught sight of a group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic Ocean. As we all know, old-timey explorer types loved to christen their discoveries after themselves, and Mr. da Cunha was no exception. Though briefly known, during the 19th century, as the “Islands of Refreshment”, today, this almost unimaginably remote place is officially called Tristan daCunha. Population? Last we heard, 265.

We think it's fitting that we’ve named our bold venture after a tiny, faraway archipelago that appeals only to the most curious of people, who are rewarded for the journey. You won't find feeds, recommendations, or chatter here. daCunha.global is an online experience that is all yours.

We're on a mission to share beautiful stories.
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Our authors come from all over the world and all walks of life, engaging readers of diverse interests. We publish the best stories we can find from new, emerging, and established writers. Have a look at our Storytellers here.

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