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“Stories are the lies through which we find the truth.” daCunha, channeling  Albert Camus

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In the 16th century, Portuguese explorer Tristao da Cunha caught sight of a group of volcanic islands in the south Atlantic Ocean. As we all know, old-timey explorer types loved to christen their discoveries after themselves, and Mr. da Cunha was no exception. Though briefly known as the “Islands of Refreshment” during the 19th century, today this almost unimaginably remote location is officially called Tristan daCunha. Population? Two hundred sixty-five.

It’s fitting that we’ve named our bold venture after a tiny, faraway archipelago that appeals only to the most curious of people. You won't find feeds, recommendations, or chatter: daCunha.global is an online experience that is all yours.

We're on a mission to share beautiful stories.

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Every year, we publish a collection of our Editors’ favorites from daCunha. Anthology 1 (2017) sold out in three weeks!

“I love the care that is taken with my stories. The effort by the team at daCunha makes the reading experience superb, really immersive.”

Bari Hein, daCunha storyteller and author

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“Imaginative and well-written, with some intriguing endings.”

“One that stood out for me was The Blow, by Benjamin Weinberg. Utterly convincing in style and voice. In just a few words it brought the reader in at once, with its evocation of a distant time and place.”

Ann Victoria Roberts, bestselling author of Louisa Elliott

  • 'Head in the Clouds' by Benjamin Shalva - creative nonfiction on daCunha.global
    Head in the Clouds
    Benjamin Shalva
    I had relinquished my freewill to a suction cup mounted, coaster-sized clairvoyant. And she had betrayed me with gridlock.
  • Boy sitting crossed legged playing the guitar. Travis Turner 'Holy Ghost Sunday' daCunha.global
    Holy Ghost Sunday
    Travis Turner
    “She straddled me, and for the first time I knew salvation.”
  • Water - daCunha.global
    Joe Belarge
    “She could feel the leaves singing, growing weak with joy and slowly letting go of their hold on the tree.”
  • Water - daCunha.global
    Joe Belarge
    “She could feel the leaves singing, growing weak with joy and slowly letting go of their hold on the tree.”
  • Old lady laughing - 'Time to Go' by James Garrison on daCunha.global creative nonfiction
    Time to Go
    James Garrison
    He presses his smooth-shaved face against the soft dried-apple wrinkles, saying, “You’re looking good, Mother.” Smiling down at her. “Ready to go?”
  • Lilac flowers - 'Alone with Lilacs' by Lauren Dennis - nonfiction on daCunha.global
    Alone with Lilacs
    Lauren Dennis
    If eavesdropping, people watching, and fantasizing were sports, I would be an Olympic qualifier in one, possibly two, of these categories.

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