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curiosity driving discovery…
daCunha is your space to discover and make new creative connections through stories, insight and conversation.
An engine for the inspired and innovative.

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Why daCunha

Your curiosity is the key to exploring different ways of thinking and experiencing our world.

A springboard for your creativity, enjoy a different approach...

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Superb, exclusive curated content from around the world.

Slow down and discover more with short fiction in Made Up Words, Sobremesa‘s vibrant conversations, cultural insights in Wait, What?

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We can’t wait to share! Ideas, art, conversations, business thinking, music, stories… the choice, the connections and the power to use them are yours.


Well Connected Craftsmanship

Stories, Opinion and Insight

We share some of our cherished creations each month. More fabulous works are delighting our members inside daCunha right now. For less than the price of a cup of coffee you too can be part of daCunha and help #paythecreators

GET UPDATES on  Made Up Words short story competition 2016 here>>

Our three finalists’ stories will be here for you to read 26th Aug – 2nd Sept when you can VOTE for your favourite.
(Other elections are available but this one’s less dangerous.)

daCunha is a human-scale experiment in curiosity and discovery

Sharing ideas that offer cultural insight and disruptive thinking. We intentionally slow down the flow of stories, ideas, and conversations so that you have time to read and be inspired by the different connections you make.

Building a community that believes in quality and craftsmanship

Exclusive and exciting, bringing you alternative ideas and different approaches from writers, artists, film makers,  musicians and award-winning authors around the world.

New connections and intelligent insight

In a world full of followers, it’s your curiosity that sets you apart. Let it lead and offer you a different way to view the world.

Made Up Words - daCunha.global

Stories from around the world

About Made Up Words

Wait... What? daCunha.global

Society and business: big issues, personally told… inspiring action and a new approach.

About Wait, what?

Sobremesa - daCunha.global

Sobremesa is being reimagined as something altogether different than a publication. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but we are hoping to launch in early September. Stay tuned.

About Sobremesa

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